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攜手同行 共創未來

勞務 崗位外包

 Labor serbice/job outsourcing




  Fully professsional projece management manager

  Resule oriented,responsible for the smooth operation of the project from recruitment to post

  Party B shall not be subject to position and number of employees ,and shall avoid any disputes that may arise from direct labor relations with employees


Labor dispatch




  To meet the labor demand of the enterprise without espansion of the establishment and will not 

  Professional deal with daily personnel affairs of dispatched employees

  Coodperate the whole process to handle labor disputes and labor relations dissolution,so as to avoid damage to the enterprise's reputation and brand image caused by labor disputes


Recruitment by proxy





  Result-oriented,rapid talent training according to the recruitment needs of enterprises

  Simplify all processes of information release,resume screening and invitation for interview

  Guarantee pertiod to ensure that the company canuse satisfactoru talents,so as to avoid the re-recruitment into a bad cycle after the employee fails to resign gor a long time

  Self-owned internet recruitment platform--the effect of the wide coverage and tecruitment of APP talents by the bounty direct recruitment website is guaranteedde recruitment effect good service is guaranteed


Social security agency




  Specialized in reduce the cost,reduce the human resouce affairs work,and enables HRto focus on enterprise human resource strategy and salary assessment

  Specialized in reduce the risk and greatly reduce the legal risk caused by professional problems or improper operation of the social security commissioner through the third-party professional agency of social security

  Specialized in reduce the registration of labor and use of labor,anddo not need effort on the routine to social security bureau frequently due to the increase and reduction of personnel and medical reimbursement


Personnel agency




 This service can effectively reduce the cost of enterprise human resources management through the enterprise personnel relations, salary accounting and salary issuance


 The whole process of professional human resources processing, reduce the operation risk caused by work mistakes


 Reduce many legal risks of enterprise employment and realize risk transfer


Financial outsourcing




 Provide integrated business registration, change, bookkeeping agency, audit tax and other basic services, improve efficiency, reduce the time cost of customers

 Many experts jointly issued tax preferential tax solutions, legal tax savings directly increase enterprise disposable profits.

Professional human resources + financial and tax experts should respond to the current national conditions of social security tax, achieve legal compliance, and reduce the cost increase or tax audit risk caused by unfamiliar policies

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